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Building and Pest Inspection in Albury Wodonga

The Building Investigator

We specialise in providing a prompt, expert pre-purchase building and pest inspection to Albury, Wodonga and surrounding districts.


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Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection

We provide a thorough, timely, and accurate building inspection with a full inspection report conforming to Australian Standards. Alan has been a builder in the local area for over 30 years and is highly experienced in providing a quality inspection and report.

termite inspection albury wodonga

Termite & Timber Pest Inspections

We arrange for a comprehensive termite inspection and pest report of your property carried out by a qualified, independent termite inspector. We believe to get a thorough building and pest inspection, you need a specialist in each area. We work side-by-side with Pianto’s Pest Control to provide this unique service

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Condition Reports

For landlords and property managers, we provide building condition reports about the current condition of your property.

pre-listing building and pest inspection

Pre-Listing Building and Pest Inspection

We offer pre-listing inspections, providing a written report of the pre-sale condition of the property before putting it on the market.

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About The Building Investigator

We bring a professional and effective approach to every building inspection we work on

The Building Investigator is a specialist building and pest inspection company in the Albury Wodonga area and has provided comprehensive pre-purchase building reports to prospective purchasers in the border region over the last 29 years. We cover the greater border area and will travel to most areas within 100Km of Albury and Wodonga.

The Building Investigator has Full Professional Indemnity Insurance cover as well as comprehensive Public Liability Insurance.

We are specialists in:

  • – Pre-purchase building and pest inspections
  • – Condition reports
  • – Pre-listing inspections

Your inspection will be carried out by company director, Alan Streeter, a qualified building practitioner with over 43 years experience in the building industry.

Alan’s qualifications include:

  • – Fully qualified and registered building practitioner (DB-U 2752).
  • – Qualified trade teacher having completed Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment.
  • – Qualified Non-Friable Asbestos removalist.
  • – Current financial membership of The Housing Industry Association, Victoria and Tasmania branch.
  • – Extensive building industry experience since completing his apprenticeship in 1977. His working life has covered just about all aspects of the building industry, from small renovations to large-scale industrial complexes.
  • – In the local area Alan has been the major contractor/site manager on large-scale renovations and demolitions for the Department of Defense in North East Victoria and Southern NSW and has been building homes in Albury/Wodonga since moving to the area over 30 years ago. Alan is still actively engaged in the construction of new homes in the border area (Streetal Pty. Ltd. 

frequently asked Questions

The purpose of the building inspection is to provide advice to a prospective purchaser or other interested party regarding the condition of the structure of the property.

The inspection shall comprise visual assessment of accessible areas of the property to identify major defects to the building structure and to form an opinion regarding the general condition of the structure of the property, including a visual evaluation of the buildings within 30 metres of the main building and within the property’s boundaries.

You wouldn’t get a plumber in to do your electrical work. So don’t get a builder to do your termite inspection. And vice-versa.

No-one can be actively engaged in building homes, while being a termite specialist at the same time. There are plenty of companies offering cheaper pest and building inspections, but none of them will be fully qualified and experienced in both fields. 

It’s easy to get an inspector’s licence for either building or pest inspections. But true experience can’t be taught. The termite specialist that we work with has had over 25 years working with termites in our local area. 

We can also work with your pest inspector of choice, if you wish. 

Our inspection report is 4-6 pages long but is very precise in content and is not filled with generic and general information. 

We find that most people don’t have the time to sit and read fill-in material, they just want the facts. We tailor our reports to suit each and every home we inspect as we find all homes are different, with different features and different inspection requirements. We do not have a ‘tick the box’ report as we find these are sometimes difficult to read and this can lead to misunderstandings between the inspector and the home purchaser.

To have The Building Investigator conduct a building inspection on your behalf, you can simply ring Alan on 0417 319 399, email us or ask your real estate agent to contact us on your behalf.

If we have an e-mail address to send your report to, then most of the time building reports are sent to you within 24 hours. Of course if the report is to be mailed to you via conventional methods it may take a few days longer. Alan will always ring you prior to the report being dispatched to discuss any concerns or just to fill you in on the progress of the inspection.

If your real estate agent and the current home owners are agreeable to your attendance, Alan is more than happy for you to attend and he will answer any questions you may have in regard to the property whilst on site.

We will send you an invoice outlining payment options when we send out the building report.

There may be some areas of your home that have restricted access problems and we may not be able to get into those areas. “If we can’t get to it safely or we are unable to see it, we don’t inspect it.”

Some examples of restrictions include things like:

  • – Floor coverings
  • – Wall and ceiling linings. Obviously we can’t poke holes in plaster or other linings so that we can see inside the wall. This also goes for the lifting or removal of floor coverings, we are not able to damage any areas just to be able to see into those areas.
  • – Heavy or bulky furniture and stored items being in the way
  • – Lack of subfloor access
  • – Access to a second storey roof
  • – Large quantities of heating/cooling ducting blocking access